Lips, Lines, Wrinkles and Skin Care

Cosmetic Fillers > Derma fillers are used for wrinkles, folds and enhancing lips 

Facial Implants > Another method for improving lines and wrinkles 

Frown Lines > A method for weakening muscles surrounding frown lines

Chemical Peeling > Chemical peeling for fine lines, skin tones, acne scarring and sun damage

Neostrata > Neostrata skincare promotes healthy, younger looking skin

Laser Resurfacing > Treats sun damage, face ageing, uneven pigmentation & rough skin

Pearl Laser Skin Resurfacing > Effective treatment for renewing aging and sun damaged skin

Pearl Fractional Therapy > Treat sun damage fast in difficult places. Good for upper lip & jawline

Pearl Fusion Therapy > Combine with Pearl laser resurfacing for full epidermal renewal

Scar Revision > Effective treatment to reduce types of scaring


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