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Breast Uplift


Droopiness of the breast is a common problem, especially following pregnancy and breast feeding. The breasts become distensed with milk causes the fibrous bands which support the breasts in their youthful shape to break down and the skin to stretch. After breast feeding the breasts shrink back and settle into the stretched skin and gravity pulls them down. A similar effect can occur when weight is put on and then lost and also can be the result of the ageing process. The result is not one that is desired and there is a procedure to address this and achieve a more youthful and firm appearance, a Mastopexy or Breast Uplift.

During a Mastopexy surplus skin is removed from underneath the breast. The breast is remodelled into a tighter cone and the nipples re-positioned to a higher level. There may be slight scarring and numbness of the nipples. A Mastopexy is best undertaken when your family is complete as although the procedure does not usually interfere with breast feeding, a further pregnancy is likely to stretch the breasts again. See our Before and after pictures for images of Mastopexy.


48 year old Jayne underwent extended abdominoplasty, brachioplasty (batwing) and breast uplift (mastopexy) procedures following significant weight loss and said

"It's not an illness, it's a life changing experience" (4/10/10)

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Prices for procedures and the options available are dependant upon individual needs which will be discussed at your initial consultation.

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