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performed by Mr Brent Tanner

Lips, Lines, Wrinkles and Skin Care


Derma fillers are used for wrinkles, folds and enhancing lips Cosmetic Fillers


A method for weakening muscles surrounding frown lines Frown Lines


Chemical peeling for fine lines, skin tones, acne scarring and sun damage Chemical Peeling


Neostrata skincare promotes healthy, younger looking skin Neostrata


Effective treatment for renewing aging and sun damaged skin Pearl Laser Skin Resurfacing


Treat sun damage fast in difficult places. Good for upper lip & jawline Pearl Fractional Therapy


Combine with Pearl laser skin resurfacing for full epidermal renewal Pearl Fusion Therapy


One years results of laser resurfacing See article and pictures



Skincare Regime

Recommended by Mr Brent Tanner



Procedure Advice

by Mr Brent Tanner

Mr Tanner is willing to discuss the following procedures which he no longer performs and refer you to the appropriate specialist.




Some people are born with ears that don't lie flat against the head Pinnaplasty



Eyelids & Eyebags

Skin loses elasticity and muscles slacken through age around the eyes Blepharoplasty



Face, Neck and Brow

As we get older the effects of gravity begin to form skin folds Face, Neck and Brow Lifts

An operation through a shorter scar than is traditional The MACS Face Lift

A procedure with no overnight stay and takes less than 45 minutes Thread Face Lift ~ Sillouette Lift

A common procedure using endoscopic surgery Brow Lift 



Nose Reshaping

Many people feel self-conscious about the size or shape of their nose Rhinoplasty



Arms (Bat Wings)

With age or weight loss, upper arm skin becomes loose and flabby Brachioplasty




Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure which makes the breasts larger Breast Reshaping

Reduction Mammoplasty, is a procedure to reduce large breasts Breast Reduction

For women whose breasts become droopy during pregnancy Breast Uplift

A common condition that causes breasts in males Gynaecomastia



Tummy Tucks

Abdominoplasty improves abdominal contour and muscle looseness Tummy Tuck

Extended Abdominoplasty

Surplus skin and fat of the loin and back are removed Extended Abdominoplasty


Removal of excess skin and fat hanging down over the pubic area Apronectomy


Lipoplasty removes fat from different sites on the human body Liposuction

Thigh and Buttock Lifts

Thighplasty removes the excess skin along the inner thigh area Thighplasty

Gynaeco-Plastic Procedures

The creation or reshaping of the labia or repair of the area Labioplasty

Inverted Nipples

Some people are born with inverted nipples due to shortened milk ducts Glue Cross Nipple Eversion



To make an appointment, or for general help and advice, please contact our office and speak to a member of staff

Call 01892 740044 or Email Brent

Prices for procedures and the options available are dependant upon individual needs which will be discussed at your initial consultation.

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