Scar Revision

Non-invasive Cosmetic Procedure

Every time the skin is cut or damaged through its full thickness it will heal with a scar. Some people  scar better than others and certain areas of the body produce worse scars than others. A hypertrophic scar occurs when a wound becomes red, raised and itchy during the healing process, then resolves to become pale and flat after a few months. A keloid scar is similar but continues to grow, encroaching upon normal tissue and may need treatment.

Normal scars and hypertrophic scars will eventually heal through time and become pale when they mature. More severe scars and keloids may require further treatment. Scar revisions are usually performed under local anaesthesia and are undertaken when complications in the initial healing process have arisen and it is felt the scar can be improved.

Very severe scars can be improved with skin grafts taken from other areas of the body. Pressure from a bandage or a pressure garment, made from stretchy material, can be applied for many months and sometimes even years. This can be very effective in reducing scars that can arise from deep burns to the skin. Silicone, usually in sheet form, can also be applied directly to a wound to speed up maturation of the scar.

Keloid scarring can be reduced with steroids which can be applied in the form of a tape, worn both day and night, or given in a stronger dose by injection directly into the scar at 4 to 6 weekly intervals. Severe keloid scarring may regress with this procedure but could later recur, and need further treatment.

Severe intractable thick keloid scars can be removed by direct excision, followed by radiotherapy to the skin edge the following day. This procedure has extremely good results but is complicated.

Recently, Cryoshape, a method of cryo freezing keloids from the inside to the outside, has been developed and is suitable for some thick raised keloid scars. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia as an outpatient.

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