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The MACS Face Lift

The MACS Lift (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension). There has been a strong trend towards less invasive major surgery to achieve facial rejuvenation. The basis of the MACS lift is that it is undertaken through a shorter scar than that of the traditional face lift, i.e. a scar that lies in front of the ear and up into the temple. Through this approach sagging tissue in the neck, jowels and nasolabial folds can be elevated by using strong suspension sutures in the deeper tissues.

The procedure is normally undertaken with an overnight stay but in some cases as a day case procedure. The patients are discharged home the same day and there is less swelling and bruising. This technique is particularly useful for younger patients who perhaps want to consider a nip and tuck approach rather than a full traditional face lift. It is particularly applicable to tighten the skin of the Iower half of the face and neck. This face lift is not suitable for the majority of patients interested in a face lift procedure but at initial consultation if it is felt that this technique would be applicable in your case it would be discussed with you.

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