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Facial Implants

Non-invasive Cosmetic Procedure

Another method for improving lines and wrinkles is the use of facial implants. Each artificial implant is made from a fine tube-like material which is very soft and durable and designed to be placed underneath the skin. The implants are positioned behind the lines, creases or wrinkles and provide a cushion to lift and generally support the skin, helping to "fill out" and smooth the skin's surface.

Over a period of a few weeks the body's own tissues gently connect with the implants to hold them in place. These type of implants are particularly suited to the deeper lines, sudi as nose to mouth furrows, and can also be used to enhance the border of the lips. Each implant is applied with a special delivery system, under local anaesthesia, that allows gentle insertion.Two stitches are inserted into each area treated and these are removed a couple of days later. Some people experience a little bruising or slight swelling which should subside alter about a week after treatment. The implant gradually begins to feel softer to the touch after about three months. Implants are easily removed should it be necessary.

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