Caroline, age 48 underwent an upper eyelid blepharoplasty procedure

I had heard good reports of Brent Tanner's skill as a surgeon, plus the care provided by his team, and both exceeded my expectations. Even though I was nervous about having this surgery, I was made to feel as relaxed and well looked after as possible, and met some truly wonderful people during my short stay at the Spire Tunbridge Wells, from the nurses on duty to the anaesthetist to Mr Tanner’s office team. As for the surgery, once the swelling had subsided, just 48 hours later, it was clear he had done a wonderful job of reshaping my upper eye area. It took several weeks for the bruising to disappear as I bruise very easily, but three weeks in the results were amazing, and continue to get better. I’m delighted about how natural it looks, and lots of people have commented on how well and relaxed I‘m looking. My only (slight) regret is that I was too anxious to have the under eyes done at the same time, but I will definitely be returning in the future to address this. I can’t praise Mr Tanner and his team highly enough, thank you!

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