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Pearl Laser Skin Resurfacing

Non-invasive Cosmetic Procedure

Mr Tanner now offers Pearl Laser skin resurfacing and fractional therapy using Cutera's laser. This is the latest generation of skin resurfacing technology and the most effective treatment for renewing the surface of ageing and sun damaged skin.

During the Pearl Laser procedure the top layer of skin is treated with pulses of light in a pre-selected pattern. The laser simultaneously sends heat to the deeper layers of skin. A naturally produced dressing forms on the skin during the restorative process for a complete renewal of the skin. With just one or two treatments, lines, fine wrinkles, uneven texture and pore size can be minimised producing a general improvement in the quality and tone of the skin.

Treatment can be used on the face, neck, upper chest and hands. Full recovery can be as little as 3 to 4 days, depending on the treatment, avoiding the lengthy "downtime" associated with traditional Erbium and C02 laser procedures.

To make an appointment, or for general help and advice, please contact our office and speak to a member of staff

Call 01892 740044 or Email Brent

Prices for procedures and the options available are dependant upon individual needs which will be discussed at your initial consultation.

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